Dave Hart | Special Advisor to the Chancellor | East Carolina University

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Dave Hart, long time leader of the college athletics industry and current Special Advisor to the Chancellor at ECU visits the 1.Question Podcast. In the first part of the conversation, Hart talks about the leadership challenge of making tough decisions. He mentions the influence of mentors in providing direction when a potential decision could go against the values leaders have established for themselves. Hart goes on to say that values based decisions can be, at times, very unpopular but absolutely necessary.


In the second part of the conversation, Dave Hart talks about trust in communications saying that most, if not all, major decisions in athletics should be communicated with the President well before those decisions are actually made. He also talks about his new venture, Athletics Legacy Partners, and its leadership development mission. When discussing his current role as Special Advisor to the Chancellor at ECU, he says it is exactly what he wants to do as he winds down his career.


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