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Sports Creatives Podcast: Learfield IMG College’s Jack Patterson

Guest Jack Patterson, Learfield IMG College
35:36 min listen

Jack Patterson, Vice President of Digital & Social Media, Multi-Media Rights for Learfield IMG College, joins Jay F. Hicks on the Sports Creatives Podcast. The pair discuss how Patterson and his team are working with athletic departments to retain and grow revenues during these times of uncertainty and dig in on the importance of Social+, their 18 content producing partners and the value they are providing to university partners. Patterson also touches on how the Learfield IMG College merger has impacted his department and how they can serve athletic departments and sponsors.


3:10 – How is Learfield IMG College working with its partners, in terms of social and digital, to retain and grow revenues?
5:22 – What are partners doing in the current environment since there are no sporting competitions?
8:07 – How did the Learfield and IMG College merger change how your department is serving athletic departments and sponsors?
12:23 – With the increased level of resources, are you seeing that athletic departments and sponsors feel like they’re getting better value?
14:43 – How does this Social+ work and how can it impact what athletic departments can do, in terms of social and digital and creating content?
26:27 – What advice would you give to someone who is leading their external relations, has creatives on their team and is responsible for sponsored content?
32:13 – How important is it to have the creative team involved from the beginning when creating branded content?