Enterprise Risk Management in College Athletics

As it has evolved over time, intercollegiate athletics has witnessed an exponential growth not only in the number of people involved and the complexity of operations, but also in the prevalence and significance of risks organizations face. The consequences of failures to address some of these risks have also been amplified by an increasingly litigious

Trial By Fire: Lessons In Crisis Management

In 1776, as a plucky group of colonies girded itself for war against the world’s preeminent power, Thomas Paine wrote that the “summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”   

Higher Ed Athletics Podcast: Long Island’s Dr. William Martinov Jr.

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Joe Hamilton, Director of Athletics at Colorado State University. Hamilton talks about the benefit of having a new on-campus stadium. CSU decided to build on-campus as opposed to renovating the existing stadium which was located four miles off-campus. Hamilton discusses how this decision and execution has brought a new energy on campus. The conversation also touches on his leadership influences, the importance of detaching every once in while, and who he follows on Twitter.

Success With Limited Resources: Eastern Kentucky’s Roan, Saint Mary’s Matoso, And Cal Baptist’s Parker

  Full Transcript   Todd Turner: Good afternoon, I’m Todd Turner for ADU. I am the President of Collegiate Sports Associates, a consulting and executive search firm, serving Division I Athletics. And today, we’re joined by three very distinguished gentlemen who are athletics directors at some prestigious institutions. On my far right is Matt Roan,

Identifying And Recruiting Talent: Washington’s Cohen & Milwaukee’s Braun

    Full Transcript   Jason Belzer: I’m Jason Belzer for Athletic Director U and today we are at the Women Leaders in College Sports conference. And I am joined by University of Washington Athletics Director Jen Cohen and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Athletics Director, Amanda Braun. Thank you ladies for joining me today and

Leading In Uncharted Territory

Athletic administrators across the country have joined the rest of the world in confronting the unprecedented threat of coronavirus, which has unapologetically disrupted the wonderfully predictable rhythm of the academic year in ways none of us could ever have expected. Many of us had been monitoring the virus’s initial outbreak in Wuhan since mid-January, yet