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Inside The NCAA Committee On Infractions With Carol Cartwright

Guest Carol Cartwright, NCAA Committee on Infractions
18:02 min watch


NCAA Committee on Infractions and Knight Commission member, as well as longtime higher education leader, Carol Cartwright, sits down for an informative discussion on how the COI group operates. Cartwright goes into detail on the personnel makeup of the committee, avoiding groupthink, the challenge of separating the human element when reviewing cases and much more. Cartwright, former President at Kent State and Bowling Green State, also considers what she would tell her younger self about the challenges of college athletics.


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  • - How do the “dynamics of debate” commonly play out between committee members? What’s the structure of the discussion during a case review?
  • - During discussions, what’s the vibe in the room? Do certain leaders or discipline experts commonly provide input in the same order?
  • - Who sits where in the room? Can you give us a visual of the setup of the room during a review?
  • - How does the Committee avoid groupthink?
  • - How difficult can it be to separate the human element of those involved in a case from the penalties handed down?
  • - With athletics playing such a prominent role in the brand of an institution, yet having the potential to negatively impact a President’s or Chancellor’s tenure, why do so many leaders still aspire to lead institutions?
  • - If you could look back and do so, what advice would you give your younger self about college athletics?