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Conference Leadership: America East’s Huchthausen & West Coast’s Nevarez

Guest Amy Huchthausen America East Conference; Gloria Nevarez, West Coast Conference
16:52 min watch


Conference leaders Amy Huchthausen of the America East Conference and Gloria Nevarez of the West Coast Conference join ADU to provide insight on leadership from the commissioner’s chair. The conversation takes a deep dive into what’s required to facilitate collaborative decisions with multiple stakeholders; decisions that may vary for each individual campus, but prove beneficial to the conference as a whole. Daniel Parker of Parker Executive Search moderates the discussion.


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  • - How often do you discuss long-term strategy with your constituencies?
  • - Running your first long-term strategy meeting
  • - Balancing the opinions of influencers with the opinions of everyone else
  • - Do you adjust your leadership style for different constituents?
  • - Building relationships with the leaders around the conference
  • - Is there a set number of times for visiting campuses in your conference throughout the year?
  • - Has there been any surprises as a commissioner?
  • - Support among women who are commissioners
  • - What are the best strategies to build collaboration among league peers?