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COVID-19 Financial Challenges: NCAA’s McNeely & UCLA’s Iacoi

Guest Kathleen McNeely, NCAA; Chris Iacoi, UCLA
27:15 min watch


NCAA Senior Vice President of Administration/CFO Kathleen McNeely sits down with UCLA Senior Associate AD/CFO Chris Iacoi and Athletic Director U to discuss the financial challenges facing college athletics and the association as a result of COVID-19.

  • - How did the NCAA handle the initial stages of the pandemic?
  • - How has your role as the business manager been affected by the pandemic?
  • - What went into the NCAA distribution decisions for fiscal year 19-20 and what resources were available to distribute?
  • - In developing the annual budget, what are the NCAA’s main revenue sources and what are the threats to those sources?
  • - What are some of the major expenses the NCAA is anticipating now and in the future?
  • - How much thought has gone into rebuilding budget reserves?
  • - Are there milestones that show how budgets will look for 20-21?
  • - As the national office and institutions budget forward, is it safe to assume distribution figures will return to normal?
  • - How are Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPs) categories defined and do you see any upcoming changes?
  • - How are you and how can business managers in the industry help?