The Difference Is Culture: Colgate’s Moore & Manhattan’s Reilly

Guest Nicki Moore, Colgate; Marianne Reilly, Manhattan
12:21 min watch


Directors of Athletics Marianne Reilly of Manhattan and Nicki Moore of Colgate visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss building a successful organizational culture in the early stages of an AD’s tenure. Marcus Attles, Associate AD at Northwestern, moderates the conversation as the trio touch on key aspects of learning and assessment, identifying influencers and understanding subcultures.


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  • - What are the key components of organizational culture?
  • - How did you learn and assess your organization’s culture? (Reilly)
  • - As a new AD, how will you learn the culture? (Moore)
  • - How do you evaluate your employees’ level of consistency in terms of adapting to the culture you’re pushing to implement? (Moore)
  • - How did you execute a culture change in your department? (Reilly)
  • - Why are culture influencers important?
  • - How will you address subversive subcultures? (Moore)
  • - What have you done to include people around you in developing the culture of the department?
  • - What goes into designing an aspirational culture?