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Enhancing The Customer Experience With Jared Smith Of Ticketmaster

Guest Jared Smith, Ticketmaster
19:27 min watch


Jared Smith, President at Ticketmaster, visits AthleticDirectorU to discuss a number of topics ranging from leadership to the customer experience. Smith expresses excitement about the growth of the ticket and entertainment industry, specifically the introduction of the digital ticket.


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  • - Give some insight on your leadership and the growth of Ticketmaster in the last 15 years
  • - Has Ticketmaster always focused on bringing in leadership from outside industries?
  • - Why is it important for leaders to continuously evolve?
  • - What are some of the significant changes that have been made in the live entertainment experience?
  • - How is data used to guide this industry to its next major inflection point?
  • - Advice on leadership