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Excellence Starts With People: Jacksonville State’s John Grass

Guest John Grass, Jacksonville State University
22:15 min watch


John Grass, Head Football Coach at Jacksonville State, visits with AthleticDirectorU to talk about how focusing on people first has helped develop a successful culture in his program. A dominating force in the Ohio Valley Conference, Grass discusses his three keys for success: 1) Bringing in good people; 2) Academic success; and, 3) Developing the athlete.


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  • - What is your coaching background?
  • - How did your background in high school coaching lead you to Jacksonville State?
  • - What were some of the early decisions you made to establish your program?
  • - What were the values you established when you became head coach?
  • - How do you manage personnel?
  • - What is the program’s culture with regard to staff work/life balance?
  • - What is your recruiting philosophy?
  • - What makes your program so competitive?
  • - How important is it to be authentic?
  • - What does it mean to be a head coach in Alabama?
  • - Advice on building a successful organization
  • - Are you a different coach now than you were a few years ago?