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Explaining the Athletic Department Power Index

Guest Michael Cross, Co-Founder, Athlete Viewpoint
13:03 minutes watch


AthleticDirectorU Co-Publisher Matt Roberts & Athlete Viewpoint Co-Founder Michael Cross discuss benefits of the new Athletic Department Power Index for advancing administrators across the nation, including who votes, what the results mean & don’t mean, what’s in store for the series & more. To check out results of the Athletic Department Power Index for the MAC, click here.


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  • - Background on the Athletic Director Power Index concept
  • - How were the key questions/variables decided upon?
  • - Custom cohorts of advancing administrators for each ADPI survey
  • - The viability of an AD opening is all in the eye of the beholder
  • - Lucky timing of the Ohio U. AD job coming open in the same window as the ADPI: MAC release
  • - What's next? The WCC. Also, key notes on the depth of ADPI survey response data on Athlete Viewpoint's platform.
  • - We want your feedback!
  • - More on Athlete Viewpoint