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Florida’s NIL Legislation: Darren Heitner & Chip LaMarca

Guest Darren Heitner, Heitner Legal; Chip LaMarca, Florida House of Representatives; Jim Cavale, INFLCR
36:29 min watch


INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale sits down with Florida State Representative Chip LaMarca and Darren Heitner of Heitner Legal, two of the leaders behind the NIL bill that recently passed in the Florida State Legislature. LaMarca and Heitner discuss the origination, future implementation given the current state of affairs, what success looks like, opportunity and equality, and much more.

  • - How did you get involved with this bill? (Heitner)
  • - What led you to introduce this bill and walk us through that process? (LaMarca)
  • - Is implementation still possible in July 2021 given the concerns around Coronavirus and the health concerns across the nation? (LaMarca)
  • - What does success look like early on in this bill's implementation? (Heitner)
  • - What entity will monitor all these deals between student-athletes and marketers? (LaMarca)
  • - What do you think is the the worst case scenario for the implementation of this bill? (LaMarca)
  • - How do you see standards getting regulated, in light of potential conflicts? (Heitner)
  • - Have you guys been contacted by other states to learn about the structure and the ways you did what you did in Florida? (LaMarca)
  • - Do you think the federal government can make this a priority within the next 12 months with everything else going on? (LaMarca)
  • - Do you think that NIL legislation will be a domino effect by states? (LaMarca)
  • - How do you think this impacts the competitive advantages each state's institutions will have, for both legislation and tax implications? (LaMarca)
  • - How will this NIL legislation create a system of equality for all student-athletes?