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Gene Smith: Inside The Commission On College Basketball

Guest Gene Smith, Ohio State
9:37min watch


The Commission on College Basketball, chaired by Dr. Condoleeza Rice, was established by the NCAA in October 2017 to fully examine critical aspects of Division I men’s basketball. As a member, Ohio State’s Gene Smith gives AthleticDirectorU insights on serving on the Commission. Smith believes the Commission has the commitment of the  NCAA to implement the recommendations without significant modification. His hope is that the work done by the committee will help change individual behavior and create more accountability throughout college athletics.

  • - Where do you rank the Commission in terms of reflection points and what it means for college athletics?
  • - What were some of the biggest things you learned during the process of serving on the commission?
  • - What will you ask of your peers, once this comes out, to help make a difference?
  • - What will all parties involved need to do beyond the recommendation?
  • - After all you've seen, do you have hope for the future of college athletics?
  • - How did you grow through this experience?