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Impacting Others Through Trust: UCLA’s Inouye-Perez

Guest Coach Kelly Inouye-Perez, UCLA
33:21 min watch


UCLA Softball Head Coach, Kelly Inouye-Perez, discusses a variety of topics from her perch as the leader of a nationally successful program. From self-evaluation to recruiting, Inouye-Perez also talks about the impact of new transfer rules and relays an interesting story about a recent home invasion.


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  • - Where do you look for inspiration outside of UCLA's campus?
  • - Who do you go to for advice?
  • - On her relationship with Bruins AD Dan Guerrero
  • - When was the point you felt confident as a head coach?
  • - What is your process for self-evaluation?
  • - How do you recruit Student-Athletes who fit your culture?
  • - The importance of leadership from junior student-athletes
  • - How can a student-athlete transfer impact your team culture?
  • - How has a recent burglary in your home impacted your passion for the game?