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Inclusiveness On Campus: UW-River Falls’ Crystal Lanning

Guest Crystal Lanning, UW River Falls
15:45 min watch


Crystal Lanning, Athletics Director at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, visits AthleticDirectorU to talk about being honored in 2019 with the Award for Diversity & Inclusion from the NCAA and the Minority Opportunities in Athletics Association (MOAA). The first NCAA Division III program to be honored with the award, Lanning talks about her department’s strategic plan and its emphasis on equity and inclusion and how that ties into the campus wide core value of inclusiveness. The conversation wraps with advice on intentionality for diversity and inclusion.


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  • - What does winning the 2019 Award for Diversity & Inclusion from the NCAA and MOAA mean to you?
  • - Why was it important to include Inclusiveness one of the core values for the University of Wisconsin River Falls?
  • - How has the institution implemented Inclusiveness as a core value?
  • - How do you ensure the proper utilization of the Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging on campus?
  • - Why was Inclusiveness important for your athletics strategic plan?
  • - How have you implemented the specific goal of equity and inclusion?
  • - What were you short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals on that inclusion action item of your strategic plan?
  • - How is inclusiveness defined on campus? How do you define Inclusiveness in athletics?
  • - How is this core value evaluated on campus? In athletics?
  • - How do you include staff in conversations on Inclusiveness?
  • - Words of advice on intentionality for diversity and inclusion