Innovation In College Athletics: Rhode Island’s Bjorn & UMBC’s Hall

Guest Tim Hall, UMBC; Thorr Bjorn, Rhode Island; Tricia Turley Brandenburg, Towson
24:11 min watch


Directors of Athletics Tim Hall of UMBC and Thorr Bjorn of Rhode Island visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss collaboration and innovation in college athletics. Moderated by Towson Deputy Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator Tricia Turley Brandenburg, the conversation covers topics related to embracing technology, including campus partnerships, balancing requests from coaches, and much more.


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  • - Why is college athletics generally slow to adapt change?
  • - What innovations have you implemented to maximize decision making? (Hall)
  • - Have you created any campus partnerships that have created efficiencies?
  • - Where does the conference office fit in terms of innovation?
  • - How has your collaboration been received on the academic side of campus?
  • - What are some of your coaches doing to innovate on their respective teams?
  • - How do you bridge the gap between what coaches think they need with regard to student-athlete welfare and what the trainers and strength & conditioning coaches believe is necessary?
  • - Do you have any community partnerships that have proven beneficial in terms of innovation?
  • - How has your use of social media evolved?
  • - Words of advice regarding embracing innovation?