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Introspective Leadership With Villanova’s Mark Jackson

Guest Mark Jackson, Villanova University
13:40 min watch


Self-discovery and introspection is the topic of this video featuring Mark Jackson, Director of Athletics at Villanova. Jackson reviews the questions administrators should ask themselves as they work on self-awareness, as well as personal and professional growth. Jackson notes the quiet time necessary for the self-discovery process and provides insights on how the concepts apply to student-athletes.


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  • - What questions should people ask themselves when they are working through a self-discovery?
  • - As you grow in your self-awareness, how do you know when to evaluate the questions you ask yourself?
  • - Do the people close to you ever recommend that quiet time may be necessary?
  • - How much of internal thought on self-discovery is forward thinking and how much is about who the person is at the current moment?
  • - Have you seen Student-Athletes adapt the mentality of self-discovery?
  • - What do you ask yourself now that you’ve been in a leadership role for a few years?