Getting Things Done: Temple’s Kraft & Louisiana’s Maggard

Guest Dr. Pat Kraft, Temple; Bryan Maggard, Louisiana
19:58 min watch


Athletic Directors Pat Kraft of Temple and Bryan Maggard of Louisiana visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss getting things done amid constant requests for their time and attention. Brent Jones, Deputy AD at Troy, moderates as the three discuss the strategy of setting priorities, the importance of forward-thinking administrative assistants, delegating to senior staff, how others on staff can make an AD’s job easier and much more.


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  • - How do you stay strategic with your calendar and agenda?
  • - How much do you rely on your senior staff to help get things done?
  • - The importance of an outstanding Administrative Assistant
  • - How do you prioritize decisions?
  • - What is your method of setting objectives and priorities?
  • - Is there something in your schedule that cannot be moved?
  • - What can your direct reports do to make your job easier?
  • - If you magically had two extra hours one day, how would you spend them?
  • - How do you ensure your staff is getting quality time with their families and taking care of themselves personally?