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Leadership In The Digital Age With Blake James of Miami (FL)

Guest Blake James, Miami (FL); Jim Cavale, INFLCR
20:11 min watch


Blake James, Director of Athletics at Miam (FL), chats with Jim Cavale of INFLCR on leadership and the importance of investing in digital media. James discusses his efforts to provide objective leadership as the chair of the NCAA Division I Council, while prioritizing his role as AD for the Hurricanes. The discussions moves on to the topic of effectively communicating the Miami brand and making sure resources are in place to stay at the forefront of the industry.


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  • - What does it take to balance the AD role at Miami with your role on the NCAA Division I Council?
  • - Is it a challenge to promote Miami while staying objective with your opinions on the NCAA Division I Council?
  • - With all of your travel, how do you communicate with your staff to stay abreast to what is happening on campus?
  • - How is the leadership team structured to be effective when you are away?
  • - How does Miami communicate its brand?
  • - Discuss the changes in the role of sports information within an athletics department
  • - What made you decide to create your own internal media agency?
  • - On the importance of providing resources for digital media
  • - How strategic are you with your own use of Twitter?
  • - On Student-Athletes and social media branding
  • - How much does social media play a part in the strength of your brand in terms of measurable data for marketing?