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Leading From The Front: Auburn’s Greene With Tailgate Guys’ Duffey

Guest Allen Greene, Auburn University; Parker Duffey, Tailgate Guys
11:38 min watch


Auburn Athletics Director Allen Greene joins Tailgate Guys President & CEO Parker Duffey on campus to discuss a variety of aspects related to leading an organization. In a very inquisitive fashion, Duffey prods Greene on his process of measuring outcomes and developing successful Student-Athlete experiences. The conversation also delves into key aspects of hiring and managing personnel changes, then rounds out with Greene’s perspective on how the business of college athletics impacts amateurism.


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  • - What is your morning routine?
  • - How can leaders guard against ever thinking they have it all figured out?
  • - What are Auburn’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how do you use them?
  • - How do you emphasize the Student-Athlete experience?
  • - What do you look for when hiring?
  • - How long does it take to decide if someone is a fit?
  • - When do you know a hire isn’t a fit?
  • - How do you let someone know they may not be a good fit for your organization?
  • - What are potential growth areas in college athletics?
  • - What are you currently reading?