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Leading At The Highest Level: Texas’ Chris Del Conte

Guest Chris Del Conte, Texas; Daniel Parker, Parker Executive Search
12:00 min watch


Chris Del Conte, Vice President & Director of Athletics at Texas, chats with Daniel Parker, Vice President & Managing Director of Sports at Parker Executive Search. The discussion touches on pressures of working at a high-profile institution, traits of the best ADs, his own personal evolution as a leader, ADs having to “take the fall” at times & much more.


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  • - What makes an effective AD?
  • - How do you leverage the passion of a fan base?
  • - Where is college athletics headed with enormous budgets, etc.?
  • - What challenges do you face that are unique to the University of Texas?
  • - Notable leadership stops at Arizona, Rice, TCU, now Texas. How have you evolved as a leader?
  • - What “milestones” will you be judged on at Texas? What keeps you up at night?
  • - Do you think it is fair that ADs “take the fall” for decisions that may have been out of their control?
  • - How important is it to have a devil’s advocate within your leadership team?
  • - Who do you involve when making hiring decisions?