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Leveraging The Past For Future Success with Loyola Marymount’s Pintens

Guest Craig Pintens, Loyola Marymount
12:02 min watch


Loyola Marymount Athletic Director Craig Pintens sits down to discuss honoring the past while having a forward-thinking mindset, emphasizing that philosophy to your coaches and staff, evaluating that change and easing the concerns of change so LMU staff can operate at a high level.


The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic). There’s also an audio version below if you prefer to listen to the conversation.
  • - When you first addressed your staff, what was your message to them?
  • - How are you building the idea of "hitting the reset button" into the culture at LMU?
  • - How are you communicating with your staff to emphasize working towards future success?
  • - How will you evaluate the change you are working to put into place?
  • - Amidst the change in leadership, what are you doing to ease concerns of staff so they can operate at a high level?
  • - How do you honor the past while having a forward-looking approach?