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Life & Leadership: TCU’s Donati With Tailgate Guys’ Duffey

Guest Jeremiah Donati, TCU; Parker Duffey, Tailgate Guys
31:53 min watch


TCU Director of Athletics, Jeremiah Donati, and Parker Duffey, President & CEO of Tailgate Guys, sit down for AthleticDirectorU to discuss life and leadership. The two review Donati’s background as a sports agent and the importance mentors play in career development. Donati & Duffey also talk about traits they look for when bringing new employees into their respective organizations. The conversation closes with a discussion on how to prioritize time with family.


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  • - Discussing Donati’s non-traditional path to the AD chair
  • - How does your background as an agent benefit you now as an AD?
  • - What can universities do to emphasize the value of the Student-Athlete experience?
  • - What’s been surprising as you’ve settled in as an AD?
  • - Advice on educational backgrounds
  • - What are the traits you look for when hiring employees?
  • - How have you built relationships with mentors?
  • - How do you emphasize being present in your family life?
  • - Advice on following a longtime mentor in the AD chair