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Longevity In Leadership: Duke’s Cutcliffe & WashU’s Kindbom

Guest David Cutcliffe, Duke; Larry Kindbom, Washington University in St. Louis
23:52 min watch


Longtime football coaches, David Cutcliffe of Duke and Larry Kindbom of Washington University of St. Louis visit AthleticDirectorU on the topic of longevity in leadership. With almost 90 years of coaching experience between the two, both coaches talk about lessons they have learned throughout their careers. Cutcliffe talks about the effect emergency open heart surgery had on his life, while Kindbom discusses staying relevant at a place where he has led the program for over 30 years.


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  • - Is there something you have learned about leadership that you have implemented throughout your career?
  • - How have you established trust as a leader?
  • - As leaders, there are times when you may not be able to do what you’ve asked those you lead to do. How do you reconcile that type of situation?
  • - How has your leadership style changed throughout your career?
  • - How did your emergency open heart surgery affect you? (Cutcliffe)
  • - People have been interested in you for other jobs, why stay at Duke? (Cutcliffe)
  • - How have you kept yourself relevant in over 30 years at the same institution? (Kindbom)
  • - Advice for up and coming leaders?