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Mentoring ‘A’ Players: UTRGV’s King & South Dakota State’s Sell

Guest Chris King, UTRGV; Justin Sell, South Dakota State
18:58 min watch


Athletics Directors Chris King of Texas Rio Grand Valley and Justin Sell of South Dakota State visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss mentoring top staff members. Reviewing the attributes of what makes someone an “A” player, King and Sell both identify those who embody values such as integrity and the pursuit of excellence as important factors. The conversation also covers the interview process, talent development, evaluating progress and offer advice on what would have been helpful to them as they were ascending the ranks of college athletics. Hayden Garrett of Parker Executive Search moderates the conversation.


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  • - What attributes make someone an "A" player?
  • - How do you identify these attributes in the interview process?
  • - How do you help top talent with career development?
  • - Do you provide tangible learning opportunities for your staff?
  • - What metrics do you use to evaluate the progress of your "A" players?
  • - Looking back, what strategies would have been helpful for you when you were a rising administrator?
  • - Who were the influential mentors in your career?