Principled Leadership: Fairfield’s Schlickmann & Vermont’s Schulman

Guest Jeff Schulman, Vermon; Paul Schlickmann, Fairfield
20:27 min watch


Directors of Athletics Jeff Schulman of Vermont and Paul Schlickmann of Fairfield visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss principled leadership while in the chair. Schulman, 25 years into his career at Vermont, provides insights on how he ensures departmental buy-in to core values. Schlickmann, still relatively new to Fairfield, discusses the collaborative effort of implementing guiding principles at a new institution. Both leaders also review their methods of reflection at the end of each academic year.


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  • - Living the values you set as a leader at a new institution (Schlickmann)
  • - What are some guiding principles for your department? (Schulman)
  • - Once you define guiding principles, how do you ensure they are implemented across the entire organization?
  • - When hiring, is there something a candidate can do or say that relates to who you are as an institution?
  • - How do you leverage interdepartmental branding and imagery with your core values? (Schulman)
  • - After 25 years at an institution, has there been developments that have caused you to recalibrate the department's core values? (Schulman)
  • - How has communication of core values to student-athletes evolved? (Schlickmann)
  • - How do alums on staff help with living the mission of the department and institution? (Schulman)
  • - How is your process of implementing guiding principles at a new institution different that what you did at your last institution? (Schlickmann)
  • - What are your methods for reflecting on the end of an academic year?