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Prioritizing Student-Athlete Development: Georgetown’s Reed & Ozery

Guest Lee Reed & Dr. Maya Ozery, Georgetown University
21:14 min watch


Georgetown Director of Athletics, Lee Reed, and Dr. Maya Ozery, Executive Director of the Cooper Athletics Leadership Program visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss making Student-Athlete Development a priority. The two talk about the involvement of the Georgetown’s President and the process of garnering support from donors to push the mission forward. Reed & Ozery also dive into engaging coaches and staff to ensure those in the Student-Athlete Development roles are empowered throughout the department.


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  • - How do you define “Student-Athlete Development?”
  • - How do you emphasize Student-Athletes Development from the AD chair? (Reed)
  • - What was the process of involving external operations and development in your Student-Athlete Development program?
  • - What made the program at Georgetown attractive to you? (Ozery)
  • - How does your Student-Athlete Development program engage coaches, staff, and student-athletes?
  • - What was the process of empowering your Student-Athlete Development position/department? (Reed)
  • - What advice would you give to those leading athletic departments in regard to Student-Athlete Development?