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South Carolina’s Ray Tanner: Being An AD Is Hard, Being A Head Coach Is Harder

Guest Ray Tanner, University of South Carolina
17:03 min watch


Ray Tanner, Athletics Director at University of South Carolina chats with AthleticDirectorU on a number of topics related to the differences between leading an athletics department and being a head coach. Tanner also reflects on his tenure as an AD and what he can improve on moving forward.


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  • - Is coaching still a part of your general makeup as a leader?
  • - Do you make a conscious effort to have a separation between yourself and the baseball program since moving into the AD chair?
  • - Do you find that you are more critical of the baseball coach compared to other sport coaches because of your background?
  • - What are some remaining challenges for college baseball?
  • - Do you have an opinion on the possibility of a third full-time assistant?
  • - Have your personal core values changed as a leader now that you are in the AD chair?
  • - Which is harder, coaching or being an AD?
  • - Have you heard from other baseball coaches who are thinking about getting into athletics administration?
  • - At what points during your AD tenure so far do you wish you would have handled something differently?
  • - Is your decision making process different as an AD than as a head coach?