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Social Issues In College Basketball: Texas State’s Antoine, UT Martin’s Stewart, And UC Irvine’s Turner

Guest Zenara Antoine, Texas State; Anthony Stewart, UT Martin; Russell Turner, UC Irvine
28:52 min watch


Texas State Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Zenarae Antione, is joined by Head Men’s Basketball Coaches Anthony Stewart of UT Martin and Russell Turner of UC Irvine for an in-depth conversation on social issues in the industry. The discussion provides insights on hiring minorities as head coaches, women coaches in men’s basketball, and addressing sexuality within the sport.


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  • - Why do we see such a lack of minority head coaches in men’s college basketball?
  • - Why was getting a reference call for a minority coaching position offensive to you?
  • - Do you think some minority coaches get pigeonholed as the “recruiter” on a coaching staff?
  • - Why do you think minority women who are head women’s basketball coaches get fired at a much higher rate than their peers? How can men’s and women’s head coaches do a better job at preparing their assistants to be head coaches?
  • - Why don’t we see more women coaches on the men’s basketball side? Would you consider hiring a women to your staff?
  • - Do you feel like restrictions on staff sizes are a hindrance in hiring women to men’s basketball?
  • - How do you make sure relationships are in place so men’s basketball coaches would consider hiring women?
  • - Thoughts on coaches and insensitive language
  • - How have you dealt with sexuality and openly gay basketball players during your coaching career?
  • - What have you done in the area of diversity and inclusion within your respective programs?
  • - Do you think there is too much pressure on head coaches to be perfect?