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Leveraging Social Media As A Student-Athlete: Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham

Guest Jarrett Stidham, Auburn; Jim Cavale, INFLCR
15:48 min watch


Former Auburn football student-athlete Jarrett Stidham sits with INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale to discuss his social media education as a Tiger & how he intends to leverage his brand in the professional ranks.


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  • - How did your social media strategy change when you transferred from Baylor to Auburn?
  • - Definition of Stidham's overall social media strategy
  • - How do you use social to celebrate big moments?
  • - What advice would you have for administrators on how to best support student-athletes with social media?
  • - Should administrators help student-athletes remove questionable social media posts?
  • - How has your use of social as a student-athlete helped you to understand how to best leverage your assets & brand moving into a professional career?
  • - You regularly comment on other players' posts. Is there a strategy behind the comments?
  • - How often did you & your teammates talk about social media strategy?
  • - Why did you delete Twitter from your phone & what is the downside of being too plugged into mentions, etc.?
  • - Advice for incoming & current student-athletes on how to best engage on social