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Strategic Communications: Cal’s Knowlton, Texas Tech’s Hocutt, & Washington State’s Blair

Guest Kirby Hocutt, Texas Tech; Jim Knowlton, Cal; Brian Blair, Washington State
16:51 min watch


Bryan Blair, Senior Associate AD for Administration at Washington State, leads a discussion with Athletic Directors Jim Knowlton of Cal and Kirby Hocutt of Texas Tech on strategic communications. The conversation covers topics ranging from relaying the strategic vision internally versus externally to the importance of social media messaging. On local media’s influence, both Knowlton and Hocutt expressed a healthy respect for such journalists, but also carefully filter what they themselves consume.


  • - Relaying strategic vision
  • - Does the message differ internally vs. externally?
  • - How does the type of school (public, private, etc.) impact your strategic plan?
  • - How aware are your of the local media and what influence do they carry?
  • - How do you balance the interests of your school, conference, national committees, etc when addressing the media?
  • - How has social media changed your approach when it comes to strategic communications?