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Memphis’ Tom Bowen On The Human Element Of Leadership

Guest Tom Bowen, Memphis
19:50 min watch
  • - Hiring talent & creating a successful team environment
  • - Empowering people through communication
  • - Accountability - Work vs. Job - Championship Culture
  • - People leaving for other jobs
  • - Change as opportunity
  • - The challenge of keeping everyone focused on being great
  • - Being an accountable leader
  • - Parting ways

Tom Bowen wakes up everyday feeling lucky. As the Director of Athletics at Memphis, Bowen strives to creates an environment based on the work you do, not the job you have. In this video, Bowen discusses trust, accountability, and hiring people to lead. He talks on being adaptive to new opportunities and by the nature of how he explains his thought process, it’s fairly obvious that human dynamics play a major role in his leadership style.