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RisingADs Podcast: Fresno State’s Tumey & Old Dominion’s Richmond

In the latest RisingADs podcast, Fresno State AD Terry Tumey and Old Dominion Senior Associate AD for Compliance & Student-Athlete Welfare Randale Richmond review The Power of Moments and discuss peak moments & duration neglect in designing experiences, creating sustainable buy-in and much more.

Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Arkansas’ Eric Musselman

Arkansas Head Men's Basketball Coach Eric Musselman joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss his leadership approach, keys to making an immediate impact on a program's success, maintaining success, creating a partnership with his players and much more.

Athletic Department Power Index: Mountain West Conference

The AthleticDirectorU Athletic Department Power Index, powered by Athlete Viewpoint, continues with a look at the Mountain West Conference. Dozens of sitting Athletic Directors and executive-level administrators who currently are, or could soon be, a Mountain West Conference AD shared feedback.

Experts’ Roundtable: Inside the Current Challenges for Athletic Training

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, AthleticDirectorU chats with a trio of athletic trainers about dealing with COVID-19, the demands on leadership, mental health of student-athletes and staff, communicating up the ladder in their department and more.

Successful Sport Administration: North Carolina Central’s Wicker McCree & Texas A&M’s Brown

North Carolina Central Athletic Director Ingrid Wicker McCree and Texas A&M Deputy Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Experience/SWA Kristen Brown discuss their philosophies on sport administration, access and advocacy, critical skills for the role, notifying coaches of complaints and more.

Letter To My Former Self: UNLV’s Reed-Francois

UNLV Athletic Director Desiree Reed-Francois writes to her former self advising to not hold herself to a strict timeline, listen to understand, and embrace humility on the scenic route of her career path.

Ensuring Real Diversity And Inclusion In College Athletics

In collegiate athletics, it is our job as educators to provide the most inclusive environment for our student-athletes, which includes having diverse representation in our department's coaches and administrators.

Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Tennessee State’s Penny Collins

Tennessee State Head Men's Basketball Coach Brian "Penny" Collins joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss influences on his coaching and leadership philosophy, recruiting the right student-athletes, influences on his coaching style, his tenure thus far at TSU and more.

The Influence Of Search Firms In College Athletics

Growing in popularity in recent years, search firms assist universities with selecting coaches, athletic directors and other leadership positions. ADU analyzed 217 different instances since 2008 of universities using a search firm to aide in hiring an athletics director or football head coach.

Deciding What Sports To Add During A Pandemic

While many Division I athletic departments have decided to eliminate sports in reaction to the budget crunch caused by the COVID19 pandemic, evidence actually shows that adding sports might be equally beneficial in helping alleviate financial concerns.

Athletic Department Power Index: Southeastern Conference

The AthleticDirectorU Athletic Department Power Index, powered by Athlete Viewpoint, continues with a look at the Southeastern Conference. Dozens of sitting Athletic Directors and executive-level administrators who currently are, or could soon be, a Southeastern Conference AD shared feedback.

Expert’s Roundtable: Media Coverage Amid COVID

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, AthleticDirectorU chats with members of the media about adapting to deliver high-quality content, access and opportunities to help tell coaches and student-athletes' stories, and content strategies that have captured their attention.

Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Michigan’s Chaka Daley

Michigan Head Men's Soccer Coach Chaka Daley joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss Daley's leadership approach as a young head coach and how it has evolved, communicating with individual student-athletes, creating his staff to complement his weaknesses and more.

Self-Awareness As A Leader: Florida’s Jeremy Foley

Florida AD Emeritus Jeremy Foley discusses his growth, from early in his leadership tenure, to care about investing in people. Foley recalls a conversation with a booster that caused him to reflect on his leadership style, realize he needed to change and how he grew as a leader. 

Sexism in Collegiate Swim Coaching: Experiences of Coaches

Professors from UNC Pembroke, Tennessee, Temple and New Mexico interviewed 21 current and former female coaches about their experiences in coaching in Division I swimming. They found a pervasiveness of gender bias and sexism, stifling the professional growth of female coaches.

Letter To My Former Self: NCAA’s Gragg

NCAA SVP for Inclusion, Education & Community Engagement Derrick Gragg writes a letter to his former self when he was the Director of Compliance & Operations at Missouri reminding himself to serve student-athletes, seek experiences that make him well-rounded, and remain committed to his core values.

Why ADs Must Embrace NIL: North Carolina’s Bubba Cunningham

North Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham sits down with INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale to discuss the decision to partner with INFLCR, maximizing student-athlete potential, how Name, Image and Likeness should look, how it will impact recruiting and the decision-making related to NIL.

Higher Ed Athletics Podcast: Georgia State’s Charlie Cobb

Georgia State AD Charlie Cobb joins the Higher Ed Athletics podcast to discuss the transformation of Turner Field into Georgia State's football stadium, the new naming rights deal, future facilities plans, President Mark Becker's retirement and impact, carrying over a blueprint of success and more.

RisingADs Podcast: Columbia’s Pilling & Rice’s Gardner on Trillion Dollar Coach

In the latest RisingADs Podcast with Columbia AD Peter Pilling and Rice Senior Associate AD & COO Tanner Gardner review Trillion Dollar Coach and discuss coaching in a business sense, building trust, the importance of soft skills and caring about those you serve.

Limit Spending To Save College Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating financial impact on college athletics, but an opportunity now exists to change the economic model of the industry to deescalate spending and insure long-term stability.

Name, Image, & Likeness With Penn State’s Chambers

Penn State Head Men's Basketball Coach Patrick Chambers sits down with INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale to discuss joining the INFLCR family and the NIL suite, how recruiting has been impacted by social media and how it will be impacted by NIL, the Penn State brand and more.

Preventing Sexual Violence On Campus: Conducting Background Checks On Student-Athletes

Cincinnati Assistant Professor Cintron, Drexel Assistant Professor Levine and Otterbein Assistant Professor McCray examine current practices of conducting background checks on student-athletes and present risk management strategies to reducing sexual violence on campus.

Case Study: Finding The Next Great Head Coach

AthleticDirectorU presents a comprehensive case study on hiring head college basketball coaches. The case study method helps people learn by studying real business and managerial situations encountered by experienced executives.

Name, Image, & Likeness With North Carolina’s May

North Carolina Director of Men's Basketball Operations Sean May sits down with INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale to discuss the Tar Heels adding INFLCR's NIL Suite, advocating for current student-athletes, the "Carolina Effect," support from administration in preparing for the NIL era and more.

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It: The Case For Versatility & Operational Efficiency

Stephen F. Austin AD Ryan Ivey emphasizes versatility, financial responsibility and technological solutions to emerge on the other side of COVID-19 stronger, more nimble and more versatile than before.

Name, Image, & Likeness With Oklahoma State’s Gundy

Oklahoma State Head Football Coach Mike Gundy sits down with INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale to discuss why the Cowboys are adding INFLCR's NIL suite, principles for social media, how social media and NIL impact recruiting and more.

Expert’s Roundtable: Football Game Operations Amidst The Pandemic

With the collision of COVID-19 and the return of football, AthleticDirectorU chats with a number of facilities, events and operations leaders on changes to game day routines, real-time operational adjustments, communication, post-game wrap-up meetings, improvements moving forward and more.

College Athletics Social Media Rankings

Now more than ever, social media is instrumental towards achieving success in college athletics. Here are the programs that have excelled at leveraging social media to build their brands.

Introspective Leadership With Villanova’s Mark Jackson

Self-discovery and introspection is the topic of this video featuring Mark Jackson, Director of Athletics at Villanova. Jackson reviews the questions administrators should ask themselves as they work on self-awareness, as well as personal and professional growth.

Dynamic Leadership Podcast – VCU’s Mike Rhoades

VCU Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Mike Rhoades, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss what Rhoades learned from his DIII coaching experience, becoming a head coach at 25, his leadership style and how it has developed throughout his career and more.

Maximizing Student Athlete Outcomes Should Be The Only Priority

When it comes to prioritizing what athletic directors do on a daily basis, the outcomes of our choices should always create a significant and measurable benefit for the student-athlete. 

RisingADs Podcast: USF’s Kelly & Washington State’s Blair on Iger’s Ride of a Lifetime

South Florida AD Michael Kelly and Washington State Deputy AD/COO Bryan Blair review The Ride of a Lifetime by Disney Executive Chairman Robert Iger, the "Innovate Or Die" concept, communicating and implementing change, being innovative with the risk of failure, the decision-making process and more.

Hiring And Evaluating Talent: Florida State’s Fuchs and Northwestern’s Blais

Florida State Senior Associate AD/SWA Vanessa Fuchs and Northwestern Deputy AD/SWA Janna Blais discuss fit and culture's impact on the hiring process, finding a candidate who is bought into the department's culture, evaluating a hire, employee retention and much more.