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Higher Ed Athletics Podcast: Oregon’s Rob Mullens

Travis Smith sits down with Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens to discuss how philanthropy from Nike's Phil and Penny Knight have helped the athletic department innovate and build the “Decade of the Duck.”

The Importance Of Game Atmosphere In Improving Football Fan Perception Of Game Experience

Among spectator groups, single-game purchasers revealed that game atmosphere, opponent ranking and a competitive game had a significant impact on their perceptions of the event’s quality.

Making More With Less: Morgan State’s Scott & DePauw’s Baker-Watson

Athletics leaders, Ed Scott of Morgan State and Stevie Baker-Watson of DePauw join Jason Fein, of Bates College, on AthleticDirectorU to discuss work-life balance while leading a small staff. The trio discuss identifying professional fatigue, schedule flexibility, and advice to new leaders.

College Head Coaches Are Blowing Media Opportunities

By adopting a few easy habits and investing an additional hour or two per week, a smart coach can exponentially increase the program’s success, professional reputation, and increase his or her value to the entire athletic department and university.

Managing College Athletics At The National Level: NCAA’s Stan Wilcox

NCAA Executive VP for Regulatory Affairs, Stan Wilcox, visits with AthleticDirectorU on the nature of his role and provides perspective on managing an array of challenges facing college athletics. Wilcox also provides an overview of the decision making structure within the organization.

The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Rutgers’ Steve Pikiell

Jamion Christian, Men’s Basketball Head Coach at George Washington University, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast. The two discuss Christian’s thoughts on why he doesn't have team captains.

Why Every Department Needs An Outbound Ticket Sales Team

While the best ways to quickly improve ticket revenues are to win a championship, build a new stadium, or recruit a Heisman candidate, these strategies are rarely feasible for most. A sounder strategy is to hire a proactive, outbound ticket sales force to improve sales and increase revenue.

Matching Organizational Culture With Brand: Oregon State’s Scott Barnes

Scott Barnes, VP and Director of Athletics at Oregon State, talks matching company culture and brand. In his conversation with AthleticDirectorU, Barnes gives his thoughts on recruiting leaders to fit the culture of his institution.

Paying It Forward Through Relational Leadership

At Campbell, I am eager to see to it that the moral, social, and emotional development of student-athletes is not shortchanged, but is instead enhanced by departmentally supported programs and people.

Personal And Professional Growth With DePaul’s Jean Lenti Ponsetto

Longtime DePaul Athletics Director, Jean Lenti Ponsetto, visits with AthleticDirectorU on the topic of personal and professional growth. With 17 years in the chair at DePaul and 40 total at the institution, Lenti Ponsetto offers insight on collaborating with other industry leaders.

The Evolving Landscape Of College Athletics With The Big 12’s Bob Bowlsby

Bob Bowlsby, Commissioner of the Big-12 Conference, joins fellow college athletics leader, Jeff Hathaway, in a discussion for AthleticDirectorU on the evolving landscape of college athletics.

Key Entertainment Developments & The Impact To College Athletics

My goal, with today’s article, is to distill down the biggest stories in entertainment and how they will influence the business of college athletics. First, I’ll explain what happened in the news, then provide my take on the situation, and finally I’ll link to the best articles to learn more.

Are We Limiting Academic Opportunities For Our Student-Athletes?

Is the value placed on athletics too strong and does it, ultimately, shift the focus away from academics? What can institutions and athletic departments do to help draw additional, impactful resources towards both academic and athletic success?

Rising Expenses In College Athletics And The Non-Profit Paradox

This article examines the structural reasons why controlling expenses – especially for salaries and facilities – has been difficult in the current economic system of major college sports.  

Executive Hiring Process: Cleveland State’s Scott Garrett and Tyler Jones

Cleveland State athletics director Scott Garrett and soon to be Deputy AD Tyler Jones participated in a double-blind round table discussion to show how each navigated the process that eventually led to their professional marriage at CSU.

Should The Pac-12 Seriously Consider Early Morning Kickoffs?

The purpose of this inquiry was to determine, if possible, whether Pac-12 college football game start time really has an impact on television audience demand, operationalized as viewership.

Innovative Leadership With UCF’s Danny White

Danny White, Vice President and Director of Athletics at UCF, discusses his department's unique senior leadership structure, the importance of creative and digital services, as well as managing his own social media accounts.

Washington State Cougars Strategic Planning Process (Part I)

AthleticDirectorU is proud partner with Washington State University to present an in-depth look into how the Cougars are implementing just such a strategic plan to ensure the success of their program for many years to come.

Setting A New Direction: Grand Valley State’s Becker & WashU’s Azama

Directors of Athletics, Keri Becker of Grand Valley State and Anthony Azama of Washington University of St. Louis, sit down with Shamaree Brown, Director of Student-Athlete Programs & Compliance at the ACC, to discuss taking over a successful athletics department.

Athletic Department Power Index: West Coast Conference

The AthleticDirectorU Athletic Department Power Index, powered by Athlete Viewpoint, continues with a look at the West Coast Conference. Approximately 80 sitting Athletic Directors and executive-level administrators who currently are or could soon be a WCC AD were invited to share feedback.

Walking In Lockstep With Your President: Incarnate Word’s Evans And Wickstrom

Highlighting Incarnate Word President Dr. Thomas Evans and Director of Athletics Dr. Brian Wickstrom on working together to find quick success in athletics and across the greater campus.

Leadership, Culture, And Positive Energy With Jon Gordon

Jon Gordon, international bestselling author and keynote speaker, talks leadership with AthleticDirectorU. Gordon, a consultant to many sports teams and corporate leaders, discusses the importance of investing in culture, having difficult conversations, and fostering positive energy.

Issues In College Basketball: Harvard’s Guerinoni, Southern Cal’s Capko, and George Mason’s Simpkins

Men’s Basketball Assistant Coaches Duane Simpkins of George Mason, Donny Guerinoni of Harvard, and Chris Capko of Southern Cal get together with Chad Chatlos of Ventura Partners and AthleticDirectorU to cover issues facing college basketball.

Are College Baseball And Softball The NCAA’s Best Bet For Growth?

For all the money that college sports bring their universities, most of that money is from one of two sports, football and basketball. That’s not a very diversified revenue situation. Could college baseball be the solution for a third revenue generating sport? Or should it be another sport?