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The Dynamic Leadership Podcast: Ohio State’s Chris Holtmann

Guest Chris Holtmann, Ohio State
27:49 min listen
Photo: Chat Sports

Chris Holtmann, Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Ohio State, joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast. Walsh opens the podcast with the list of the seven Head Men’s Basketball Coaches who have won at least one NCAA Tournament game in the last five years, which includes Holtmann. Holtmann discusses his approach to rebuilding the Ohio State program upon his arrival, creating buy-in from his players, the ups and downs of the 2019-20 season and his thoughts on sustaining success.


3:39 – What was your approach going into Ohio State to try to establish yourself, your culture and your approach to building a team?
6:11 – What were your expectations and how did you manage that as you started to have success?
8:07 – Was there any resistance to what you were trying to do with your players and how did you deal with that? Was there any pushback throughout and what was your response to it?
11:00 – How was Christmas this year given how the season had gone at that point?
13:32  – Is there any way to prepare for adversity and getting knocked around without actually going through the adversity?
15:57 – What did you do to try to help dig your team out of the mid-season slump where you lost 6 out of 7?
18:17 – In post-game conversations with your team, are you asking and listening to your players about their perspective on what is happening?
21:31 – Is it a significant part of your approach to prepare your team on how they respond to adversity?
23:05 – How much has your approach evolved since you first got into coaching and became a head coach?
24:52 – How do you continue to sustain success and how much do you have to adapt to be able to do it?