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Facilities Management And Capital Projects Through COVID-19: Central Michigan’s Oberlin and West Virginia’s Messerly

Guest Matt Oberlin, Central Michigan; April Messerly, West Virginia
25:36 min listen

Matt Oberlin, Associate AD of Capital Projects, Facilities & Events at Central Michigan, and April Messerly, Associate AD/Facilities & Operations at West Virginia, sit down with Athletic Director U to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on facilities, event management and capital projects. Oberlin, current president of CEFMA, and Messerly, a past president of CEFMA, discuss concerns among their peers, how facilities are being maintained, the impact on capital projects, and more.


0:32 – Introduction
2:24 – What are some of the concerns and discussions during this time with regard to facilities, event management and capital projects?
5:39 – How are you handling the maintenance of athletic fields?
9:06 – How have these changes impacted the relationship and communications with the university?
10:45 – What is the impact of the current state of affairs on capital projects?
17:22 – What has your communication with coaches been?
21:34 – How will the COVID-19 pandemic change how you think about details of facilities in the future?