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Higher Ed Athletics Podcast: Kansas State Global’s Dr. Dunn

Guest Dr. Duane Dunn, Kansas State Global
27:15 min listen
Every institution seemingly switched from in-person to online education as the coronavirus struck institutions across the country. As fall approaches there’s still speculation as to how classes will be delivered, which leads to a lot of questions surrounding remote learning. How will institutions prevent, monitor and enforce academic integrity? Will institutions have enough time to adequately move their courses to an online format? Will they be prepared to do this again if another outbreak hits? Is online education more suited for a busy student athlete if the course design passes heavy scrutiny? Dr. Duane Dunn is the Associate Dean for Kansas State Global and he joined the Higher Ed Athletics podcast to discuss these questions and more to give listeners an idea of what’s ahead in online higher education as we attempt to coincide with COVID-19.


1:46 – What’s the challenge like in actually preparing an online course quickly?
7:09 – How does an institution typically prevent, monitor or even enforce discipline for academic integrity issues for remote learning?
12:52 – How would student-athletes be proctored for exams if they are taking online courses while on-campus?
17:17 – Do you think online degrees across the nation will become normalized and readily available for “traditional” students, such as student-athletes?
24:13 – What are some of the advantages and potential disadvantages of using an Online Program Management system?