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Retention, Growth, & Employee Burnout: Elon’s Blank & George Mason’s Edwards

Guest Dave Blank, Elon; Brad Edwards, George Mason
25:18 min listen
Elon Athletics Director Dave Blank and George Mason Athletics Director Brad Edwards chat with AthleticDirectorU about employee retention, professional development and burnout. The duo lay out their hiring and search process strategies, onboarding positives and negatives, providing opportunities for employees, and maximizing an employee’s quality.


1:22 – What are your general hiring strategies and what do you to to ensure employees are fulfilled in their work?
5:02 – What does the onboarding process for a new employee look like?
11:46 – Was there moments in your career where you encountered an onboarding situation where you said, maybe this is or is not the right way to go about doing things?
16:30 – How are you working to provide opportunities for your employees to have autonomy, have mastery in what they’re trying to do and purpose and in the grander scheme of things?
21:59 – What are one or two things that leaders can do to make sure that they are maximizing the quality of their employees?