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Sports Creatives Podcast: Clemson’s Jonathan Gantt

Guest Jonathan Gantt, Clemson
32:47 min listen

Jonathan Gantt, Associate Athletics Director for Creative Solutions at Clemson, joins Jay F. Hicks on the Sports Creatives Podcast. Gantt discusses how Clemson Athletics have handled these uncertain times, communicating with his team and administration, the appropriate content for Clemson during this crisis, and engaging student-athletes.


3:52 – During the beginning of this crisis, what was the discussion like among creatives on your staff and who came up with the plan your office on how to move forward and how to react to all of this?
7:06 – What did the first 24 to 48 hours look like for Clemson?
9:49 – How is your team, from full-time staff to grad students to student workers, communicating and still making things work during these uncertain times?
14:58 – What is the communication with your administration in terms of obviously messaging and tone, and determining what things need to be discussed?
21:06 – What conversations are you guys having internally on what is appropriate and how to make those decisions on what content is shared for the overall brand, and then with the specific teams?
26:53 – How is your team engaging with the current student-athletes during these uncertain times and moving forward?