Getting Comfortable In The Chair: Jacksonville’s Ricker-Gilbert & Cal State Bakersfield’s Siegfried

In this episode of From the Chair, host Mike Hamilton speaks with Joe Hamilton, Director of Athletics at Colorado State University. Hamilton talks about the benefit of having a new on-campus stadium. CSU decided to build on-campus as opposed to renovating the existing stadium which was located four miles off-campus. Hamilton discusses how this decision and execution has brought a new energy on campus. The conversation also touches on his leadership influences, the importance of detaching every once in while, and who he follows on Twitter.

Managing Students-Athletes’ Motivations For Playing Fortnite

Video games such as Fortnite have surged in popularity as most U.S. households now possess at least one video game system. The growth of eSports along with platforms like video game streaming sites like Twitch, further attest to the growing significance of video games in U.S. culture. While there are a number of popular video

Successful Constituent Management: A-10’s McGlade, CIAA’s McWilliams, And George Washington’s Vogel

    Full Transcript   Jason Belzer: I’m Jason Belzer for AthleticDirectorU and today we are at the Women Leaders in College Sports Conference. And I am joined by CIAA Commissioner, Jacqie McWilliams; Atlantic 10 Commissioner, Bernadette McGlade; and George Washington University Athletics Director Tanya Vogel, thank you for joining me today, ladies.   Bernadette

What Drives The Value Of Multimedia Rights

The Center for Research in Intercollegiate Athletics (CRIA) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill estimates that multimedia rightsholders allocate more than $500 million annually in guaranteed rights fees to institutions in the Football Bowl Subdivision (CRIA, 2018).    In a recently published paper, UNC-Chapel Hill Sport Administration graduate students Jacob Spreyer and

Experts’ Roundtable: Leveraging Momentum In College Basketball

With college basketball season in the heart of conference play, and programs asserting themselves as the nations best, or fighting to build a postseason worthy resume,  AthleticDirectorU sits down with administrators and coaches to gain prospective from each level of the game.       With Gonzaga’s consistent success in basketball, this year included, how

The Future Of Name, Image, And Likeness: INFLCR’s Jim Cavale

    Full Transcript   Matt Roberts: I’m Matt Roberts with Athletic Director U and D1.ticker from the Teamworks’ headquarters here in Durham, North Carolina. Jim Cavale, founder and CEO of INFLCR is with me, digging on NIL, name, image and likeness, of course, a huge topic of conversation around college athletics. You recently wrote