More Universities May Need To Eliminate Sports, And That Would Be Bad For The USOPC. But Should It Matter?

Less than a week elapsed between the time I first heard it mentioned to the actual occurrence. Sport Business Journal editor Abe Madkour theorized during the March 27 Morning Buzzcast podcast “you could almost see sports being eliminated as well” as a reaction to the news that Division I conferences would receive 63% less funding

Facilities Management And Capital Projects Through COVID-19: Central Michigan’s Oberlin and West Virginia’s Messerly

Jeff Van Gundy, TV analyst and former NBA head Coach, talks about the leadership lessons he learned from different players and coaches during his coaching career. He addresses the intricacies of working in the NBA and the dynamics between players, coaches, administration, etc. Coach Van Gundy talks in depth about the leadership style of Pat Riley and the impact it had on his career.

How Much Is NIL Worth To Student Athletes?

As college athletics continue to grapple with the implementation of a fair and balanced set of rules for student-athletes to monetize their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), the question of just how much money they could generate has been the subject of much speculation. In a continued effort to provide intercollegiate leaders with key insights,

Workaholism And Burnout In College Athletics

The relationship between employee and job can be tenuous. For some, having a job is perceived as a “necessary evil” that allows the individual to acquire basic necessities and dispensable income to pursue desired activities. On the other end of the spectrum, employees can become completely engulfed in their work, investing their very lives in

Leading In Uncharted Territory

Athletic administrators across the country have joined the rest of the world in confronting the unprecedented threat of coronavirus, which has unapologetically disrupted the wonderfully predictable rhythm of the academic year in ways none of us could ever have expected. Many of us had been monitoring the virus’s initial outbreak in Wuhan since mid-January, yet

An Analysis Of College Football And Basketball Coach Buyouts

Over the last 15 years, public Power Five schools have spent an average of roughly three-quarters of a million dollars per school per school year on severance payments for former football and men’s basketball coaches and administrative personnel.   AthleticDirectorU compiled NCAA Financial Reports via public records requests for the 52 public Power Five universities