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A Data Driven Mindset With Ticketmaster’s Kat Frederick

Guest Kat Frederick, Ticketmaster
18:43 min watch


AthleticDirectorU visits the Southern California headquarters of Ticketmaster for a conversation with Chief Marketing Officer, Kat Frederick. Frederick, a self-proclaimed data & analytics nerd, talks about the importance of using data to enhance a one-on-one conversation with individual customers. She also goes into the translating data for those who make final decisions, and dives into some of this issues surrounding event attendance.


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  • - What do the terms data and analytics mean to Ticketmaster?
  • - How do you process the enormity of data that comes across your desk?
  • - As the CMO, do you still crunch numbers and analyze data?
  • - How do you provide information to those institutions in college athletics?
  • - Explain the communications process of translating data & analytics to those who making final decisions
  • - On understanding the difference between who purchased the ticket and who attended the event
  • - On event attendance within college athletics
  • - Words of advice for data & analytics people who strive to be in leadership roles