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The Power Of Social Media: Pitt’s Lyke & SM2’s Cecil

Guest Heather Lyke, Pittsburgh; Carrie Cecil, Social Media Sports Management
15:04 min watch


Heather Lyke, AD at Pittsburgh, and Carrie Cecil of Social Media Sports Management join ADU to talk about social media strategies for college athletic departments. Cecil, a brand crisis management consultant says what was a 48 hour window to address a crisis can now get out of hand in less than two minutes. Lyke talks about the concerns an AD has regarding the decisions her Student-Athletes, coaches, and staff make regarding social media. The two also discuss strategies to prevent the outside world from shaping the narrative of an institution’s brand.

  • - Social media brand strategy in athletics
  • - Social media use on campus
  • - Avoiding social media/brand terrorism
  • - How can an athletic department prevent social media/brand terrorism?
  • - Concerns of an Athletics Director
  • - How to weather the storm when a situation arises
  • - The importance of the ability to tell your story
  • - Recommendations to Athletic Departments