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Mental Health Services in College Athletics: Baylor’s Marsh-Bell & LSU’s Poole

Guest Dr. Monique Marsh-Bell, Baylor; Dr. LaKeitha Poole, LSU
40:08 min watch


Baylor Assistant AD for Mental Health Services Dr. Monique Marsh-Bell and LSU Director of Student-Athlete Mental Health Dr. LaKeitha Poole join AthleticDirectorU to chat about the intricacies of mental health services provided to student-athletes. Marsh-Bell and Poole also touch on how the COVID-19 pandemic and social injustice have affected student-athletes and their abilities to provide services, the return to campus, the future of mental health and more.


The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing (click the time stamp to jump to a specific question/topic). There’s also a full audio file at the bottom if you’d prefer to listen to the discussion.

  • - Explain how your previous experience providing counseling services on campus differs from your current experience providing counseling services in athletics.
  • - What is the difference between a clinical psychologist, a sport psychologist, and a clinical social worker?
  • - What is your staff makeup in terms of mental services?
  • - What can schools with less resources do to provide mental health services for student-athletes? (Poole)
  • - How have you seen the mental health services industry evolve throughout your career?
  • - Does the fact that you are African-American make it easier for African-American student-athletes to utilize your services? Is it a factor if/when student-athletes want to talk about racism or social injustice?
  • - What are your thoughts on the future of mental health in college athletics?
  • - How has the pandemic lockdown affected utilization of your services?
  • - Do you see any hesitation or psychological concerns amongst student-athletes related to returning to campus during the pandemic?
  • - Are there any procedures for returning to campus that relate to mental health and student-athletes?
  • - What are the NCAA's guidelines regarding mental health services within athletics departments? Do the guidelines go far enough?
  • - Is there anything else that the college athletics community should know about the topic of mental health services in college athletics?