Risk Management in College Athletics: George Washington’s Tanya Vogel & Patrick Nero

Guest Tanya Vogel, Patrick Nero, George Washington University
24:42 min watch


Current and former George Washington Directors of Athletics, Tanya Vogel and Patrick Nero, visit with AthleticDirectorU to discuss risk management through the lens of the SWA, Title IX Coordinator, and AD. The conversation touches on the importance of open dialogue between the SWA and AD on potential concerns with Student-Athletes. The two also cover building a culture of trust with coaches and sport administrators, as well as having a structure in place for Student-Athletes to voice concerns. David Chadwick of RealRecruit moderates the conversation.


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  • - What was your method for developing the AD/SWA relationship?
  • - How do you ensure open dialogue and strong communication lines?
  • - Empowering the Title IX Coordinator
  • - How do you find out what is going on with your Student-Athletes on campus?
  • - Empowering sport administrators to engage with Student-Athletes
  • - How do you ensure coaches buy in to Student-Athlete reporting procedures?
  • - Building a culture of trust between the Head Coach, Sport Administor, and Athletics Director
  • - What is the your process when you receive troubling news?
  • - Effective communications to departments outside of athletics regarding potential issues
  • - How do you handle outside press?
  • - Conversations with outside influencers
  • - Advice on risk management in athletics